Francesca Ciregia is an Italian comic book artist who has been drawing for as long as she can remember. Her fascination with comics’ art in Europe and America has followed her through her childhood that has thus far brought her some auspicious and early rewards. In 2009 she signed a contract with Marvel Comics and was put through her paces on the web comic stories “Dust from above”, about Wolverine, Dazzler #1 and Spider-Man. Her first work was on Madadh, an Italian comic series, where she served as artist since she was 18 and where she developed her personal style.


2008-2012: Madadh 2-3-4-5-Special, with Tommaso Destefanis, Crazy Camper

2009: Dust from above, with Joao Lemos, Marvel Comics 2010: Dazzler#1, with Jim McCann, Marvel Comics

2010: Bren Gattonero 2, with Tommaso Destefanis, Crazy Camper

2010: articolo su Ziguline (, rivista online.

2012: Amazing Spider-Man:Vulture, with Joe Caramagna and Elena Casagrande, Marvel Comics

2013-2014: Art Monster, with Jeremy Holt, Monkeybrain Comics

2014: Participation in the exhibition dedicated to Rodolfo Valentino, which was attended by more than eighty Italian illustrators and cartoonists. Organized by Alessio Fortunato.


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